Craving for some Biryani or Prata? Thohirah Restaurant opens 24/7 in the popular Jalan Kayu. This restaurant is like the “holy” place for me (till date) whenever I have the kick for Mutton Biryani.

I first met my lovely Mutton Biryani when a colleague brought me there years ago.

My Biryani is not that spicy in general, she gives out nice spice aroma, the rice is at the right consistency, AND the mutton is soft, tender, and it melts in your mouth. That’s what I like about “her”. She costs $7 bucks but I don’t mind paying a little bit more to savour her once in a while.

Beside Biryani, I have also tried the Prata and Mutabak which I feel that they are better than the Prata at Thomson Road. I’ll usually go there during the off-peak hours as it is always get crowded during mealtime.

For those who drive, there’s a car park beside the restaurant; but I highly recommend you to put coupon as the parking warden there is pretty “ON”

I have no comments about their service but don’t expect the service staff to serve you like those in fine dining high-class restaurant.

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