This NTUC potato chips review comes about after I received a whelming agreement from my friends on my Facebook page.

I feel that I should be sharing with you about these under-rated titbits from NTUC FairPrice.

I have bought all flavours to try out to bring you this NTUC Potato Chips Review

I chanced upon these NTUC potato chips while I was searching for my regular brand potato chips at NTUC FairPrice Finest supermarket. These chips in white packaging, like mini pillows laying inside the self; looking like little puppies gazing at me, hinting me to bring them home. I picked up a flavour each and tell myself: “Why not give them a try, since it is only $1.14.”

I seldom promote titbits, but this is really a keeper! Therefore this is my honest opinion of the NTUC Potato Chips Review. I can feel that the chips are fried in very fresh shortening, and are not too hard nor too salty. When I shared my views on my personal Facebook page, I was amazed that a number of friends also gave a good deal of positive feedback. It seems that there is a paradigm shift in my skeptical judgment of FairPrice In-house products.

NTUC Potato Chips inside
Potato chips bought from NTUC
Ntuc potato chip under the light

The flavours are ranked according to my personal preference. My least favourite would be the Hot & Spicy flavour, a single chip overloaded with sodium, masking the fried potato scent.

The FairPrice marketing department could come up with new flavours to attract the younger “TikTok” crowd; such as Salty Egg, Chill Crab, Truffle, Sea Salt, Mala or even wild names like “Unicorn’s saliva”.

My favourite would be the Original flavour, a purist who sought for the real potato taste. It is my preferred choice for once a while indulgence, best paired with a can of Coke, Whiskey or Soju.

Here is a breakdown of the NTUC Potato Chips calories and nutritional information:

NTUC Potato Chips review nutritional information
NTUC house branded

I can fill up my shopping basket with all six flavours, and share it with friends but I will recommend that you share them on separate bowls and munch on them at one meter apart, observing social distancing for now.

Next time when you walk along the tidbit shelves of a NTUC FairPrice supermarket, why not grab a pack and give it a try?

Posing with packs of potato chips from NTUC

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