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  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing
  3. First Look
  4. VS the Logitech Craft
  5. Logitech MX Keys Features
  6. An equivalent contender
  7. Summary

Logitech MX Keys Review – Lazada’s Best Selling Keyboard

With Facebook Ads spamming me aggressively on my wall, I have succumbed to the temptation on getting another new keyboard even though my current one is still doing fine. Yes! It is all Facebook’s fault! 🙂

The loot was delivered less than a week after I placed the order on Lazada. It was my Missus who received the hand-off from the Ninja Van dispatch. The description on the package was a dead give away of the contents. I then pleaded for my rash decision with a weak argument: Quoting ladies will also have numerous pair of shoes in their cabinets.

>>> Imagine me being interrogated in a dark room with a table lamp shone onto my tired face <<<

We ended the peaceable encounter and laughed, citing that Facebook is to blame again.

Wrapped up and ready for the Logitech MX Keys review

To my displeasure, the package was mummified with unsightly layers of bubble wrap and excessive use of bounding tapes. The edges of product carton are also severely dented. I am not alone – there were numerous instances highlighted on the product page that others have received their packages not in a sound condition. Could the “Ninjas” rough-handed our packages?

Logitech MX Keys Review 1
Logitech MX Keys Review 2


The interior packaging was simple and well insulated despite the indentations on the exterior of the product carton. I peeled off the final sheet of parchment-like paper to reveal the pristine keyboard. This reminds me of unwrapping my take-away Char Kway Teow during the circuit breaker phase.

The keyboard aside, the Unifying receiver, USB-C charging cable, and instruction manual were also neatly seated within the crevices of the packaging. Do take note that the palm rest is not included as a standard accessory. I think it is a nice-to-have and I am sure no one minds it (hints Logitech).

First Look

The body of the keyboard feels very premium, and it looks pretty sleek. Cheezy description ahead – My fingers danced across the keycaps like ice skating dancers as it felt almost like an Apple Magic keyboard. Still, the MX Keys has a circular indent on the keycaps. This ingenious design allows my fingertips to slip onto the letters with confidence; it’s pretty enjoyable.

Logitech MX Keys Review 3
Logitech MX Keys Review 4
Logitech MX Keys keyboard comes with circular indent on the keycaps allows my fingertips to slip onto the letters
Logitech MX Keys Review 5

VS the Logitech Craft

I will compare this Logitech MX Keys with the recently launched Logitech Craft keyboard. Both keyboards are full-width, low profile, and, unfortunately, not adjustable. The keycap touches also feel identical between the two. The Craft keyboard comes with an additional rotating knob on the top left-hand corner where you can perform fine-scrubbing of slider values within supported applications.

I felt that the rotary knob was not very accurate when it comes to performing fine adjustments in software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom. I do not think that it is value for money to get the Logitech Craft keyboard for the mediocre performance.

Logitech MX Keys Features

Despite its small form factor, I do not see it as a compact solution for anyone looking for portability as it weighs almost a whopping Kilogram. In contrast, the weight provides a sturdy footing with the help of six rubber grips at the bottom of the device.

Logitech MX Keys Review 6
Logitech MX Keys Review 7

For first-timers owning a Logitech keyboard, you will be pleased with these features:

  • The Logitech MX Keys allows you to connect 3 devices via either Unify wireless receiver or Bluetooth.
  • Cross-platform support from macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and to numerous Linux Distributions.
  • The alternate keys mappings above the number pads are the calculator, print screen, option keys, and device lock. With the Logitech Options software, these keys are customisable to perform other tasks which is a great feature to boost your productivity.

The Logitech K780 – An equivalent contender

The Logitech K780 is also a multi wireless device, it has almost all the features that the Logitech MX Key has. The K780 runs on two AAA dry cells, with a working life of twenty-four months. It also has a rubber cradle in its build that holds the mobile devices, which I hope to see this feature in the Logitech MX Key.

The shortfalls of Logitech K780 is it does not have illuminating back-lit keys, and with no dedicated device selector keys like the Logitech MX Keys has.

If you have no concerns with these two cons, the Logitech K780 will be a better bang for your bucks.

Logitech MX Keys Review 8

Summary for Logitech MX Keys Review

To I am pleased with Logitech coming up with the right premium wireless multi-device productivity keyboards at a reasonable price point. The Logitech MX Keys is for the win!

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