A camera is always by my side, and maybe you are already holding one while you are reading my article since a smartphone is equipped with a camera, to me it is good enough.

The Bitplay recently received the IF Design Award 2019, and shout out to the to Bitplay for loaning me these interesting gadgets to explore.

I’ve received the SNAP! Grip, All Clip, Premium HD Wide Angle Lens, Premium HD Telephoto Lens, Premium HD Macro Lens, and the Standard Ultra Wide Angle + Macro Lens, and here are my humble reviews.

Bitplay Review 1

SNAP! Grip

First of all, let’s talk about the SNAP! Grip, one of my favourite from Bitplay. I just snap snuggly onto my mobile phone, pair the Grip with my phone via Bluetooth, and it turns any mobile to a camera, a more camera-like experience.

With its ergonomic grip, it provides further comfort on my wrist when I am executing lower angle shots and positioning my camera at a better angle; and snapping photos with one hand is no problem at all.

Bitplay Review 2

As a photographer, it gives me a familiar “feel” of holding a camera, instead of a mobile phone. It encourages me to hold phone more often, while I am hunting for my imagery preys.

The SNAP! Grip works on both iPhones and Android phones, and it is powered by a button battery.  With its Bluetooth 4.1 power saving features, it claims to operate approximately 6 months before replacing the battery. The shot is triggered by a detachable Bluetooth remote (a size of a 50 cent coin), it also has a quarter inch screw threat at the bottom to mount onto a standard tripod. When the phone is not in standby mode, the Bluetooth trigger is almost an instant.

All Clip

Since I am an Android phone user, The All Clip is able to clamp onto my phone or any phone width ranging between 58mm – 80mm before we attach any Bitplay Lens. It comes with a separate attachment which acts as a stand (pretty neat).

If you are an iPhone user, Bitplay has a range of phone case for selected models, not only the case protects your phone, the screw threads on the case allow you to attach the Bitplay Lens easily.

Bitplay Review 8
Bitplay Review 9

Premium HD Wide Angle Lens

While holding the lens on hand, the glass does feel premium and well constructed. The Premium HD Wide Angle Lens is the lens that I most fond of, compare to the other Bitplay lenses.

This particular lens works well for me since I prefer capturing a broader perspective, including more details/ information in my photos. I am satisfied with the sharpness, the photo quality is not compromised. In my opinion, this lens is handy for travel, landscape photography, and I prefer using this lens with merely 36 grams, instead of bringing bulky DSLR wide lens.

Premium HD Telephoto Lens

This lens provides an optical 4-time zoom instead of relying on my phone’s native digital zoom. And we agree that optical lens produces better image quality than digital zoom. The image quality was taken with this lens was pretty satisfying.

Premium HD Macro Lens

Macro photography isn’t my type of genre, but I had fun capturing the micro things in life. This lens comes with an attachable semi-opaque hood, allowing lights to enter from the side of the glass, which creates well diffuse lighting on to my subject.

I was impressed with how sharp and crisp on the subject, also creating a depth of field that makes the subject pops.

This is a perfect ultra-light portable lens for whom like taking macro.

Standard Ultra Wide Angle + Macro Lens

One more notable lens I’ve tried was the Standard Ultra Wide Angle + Macro Lens, this lens provides a much wider angle compared to the Premium HD Wide Angle Lens.

This lens sparks some creativity with some near fisheye effect. It feels lighter compared to the Premium lens; however, photos are less sharp near the edges, much suitable for causal shooter thou.

Pictures Comparison taken with various Bitplay Lens


Overall I am satisfied with Bitplay Premium series lenses, these optical lens constructions are built with quality at the same time provide sharp and crisp images. I just love the SNAP! Grip as this accessory offers a comfortable ergonomic hand grip to add on my mobile phone. And I had a lot of fun using it. You should try it too.

Bitplay Review 26

Yes! I want to buy this!

For those interested parties, you can buy it from Lazada (see link below)


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