LUMOS NANO Projector Review – Best Portable Projector of 2022

Disclaimer: Before you start reading this article, XAVIER LUM and LUMOS have no affiliation, and we are separate entities. Jokes aside, this is an editorial article. 

A big thank you to LUMOS for sending me the device for this LUMOS NANO Projector review. 

 Lumos Nano Projector in the box

Delivery and Unboxing

The sneaky Ninja left the parcel at my door and sneaked away; at least the Ninja had the courtesy to message me that my package was delivered. I found a crease on the box, but the device was undamaged. 

Lumos Nano Projector Review device in the box
Lumos Nano Projector Review unboxed

First Impression

Straight out from the box, the LUMOS NANO resembles a can of beer. It weighs merely around 400 grams and feels sturdy on the hand. 

It has most of the necessary connectivity options like USB, HDMI, and Audio-Out, and I wish LUMOS would use a generic USB C-type socket for charging. Hence, it is easier for me to find a charger while on the go. 

The navigation touch-based panel is located at the top, which works like a touch-pad and buttons to control the playback and volumes.  


I could find pre-installed apps NETFLIX and YOUTUBE, as these projectors run on the Android 9.0 operating system. The in-built Air Screen apps also allow screening whatever things from my mobile phone via WiFi. 

The LUMOS NANO uses the Digital Light Processing (DLP) LED technology, which means it is bright; 1,500 lumen (on paper). You don’t have to worry about replacing the lamps because LED has proven its long life span and quality. 

My missus and I watched NETFLIX on our cosy bed; we were satisfied with the video vibrancy cast on the wall. This projector comes with an auto keystone that adjusts the screen automatically from any angle. The projector battery depleted from 100% to 60% after we completed 2.5 hours of a movie; impressive. 

We didn’t try casting on our ceiling because we have ceiling lights and fans around our house. 

Probably one of the Best Portable Projector of 2022

LUMOS NANO Projector Review Final Thoughts

The LUMOS NANO works very well and is really value for money at only SGD$599.00. This can-drink-sized projector is suitable for enjoying your typical HDB home, camping, or a portable cinema under the stars. 

Do you know? The LUMOS NANO is also a Bluetooth Speaker with Dolby Audio, an impressive portable Audio and Visual device; anytime, anywhere. 

Since its launch, the LUMOS NANO Projector series has received many satisfied user reviews on its website, with thousands of 5-star reviews.

I hope you find this LUMOS NANO Projector Review helpful and let’s support a promising Singapore homegrown brand. #supportlocal

LUMOS NANO Projector Review 1

Bonus: Hacks and Tricks

To enhance the user’s experience, I’ve paired the LUMOS NANOS with the following third-party devices via Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth keyboard/ mouse – Super easy navigation and text input

Bluetooth speakers with sub-woofer – Bring out the extra audio punch; I love it. 

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