I just picked up a new hobby, a hobby that i have forgotten long ago ever since i am in to photography. Sketching, a reunion of a long lost friend, it was “re-introduced”by one of my camp mate whom i recently met during my army reservist.
Yow was sketching something while most of us were chatting in our resting room, his fountain pen had caught my attention. I borrowed the pen from him and tested out. I was impressed with the “pilot” brand parallel pen he was using and i asked more where he got it. Yow is an architect working in one of the local architect firm, i got interested with his profession, and also took opportunity to asked more of his work since my cousin, Esmond, is into architecture as his career path.
Yow did marvellous sketches of our army boots. We started out talking about sketching and it got me trilled. He introduced me to this local group called the urban sketchers, and encouraged me to join them for outing.

Yow advised me the place to get my very own fountain pen, I only recall using an ink pen only during my secondary school days where i was told to buy one calligraphy pen for my art assignment. I don’t really like using it as it is kinda messy especially while topping up the ink.

Anyway, i made my way to the Straits Commercial Art Co. at North Bridge road, and i bought myself 2 HERO fountain pens, as recommended by Yow. The journey of sketching begins here.
1) Hero Pen Broad Nib – $ 30.00
2) Hero Pen Fine Nib – $ 22.00
3) Hero Ink 60ml – $3.50
* price before 7% discount 

You are my HERO 1

You are my HERO 2You are my HERO 3You are my HERO 4You are my HERO 5You are my HERO 6You are my HERO 7You are my HERO 8

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