Hotel – Art Trendy Hotel
We checked in the Art Trendy Hotel after our Halong Bay trip where we spent our day 5 and 6 in Hanoi.
This hotel is a 1.5 years old, recommended hotel by Trip Advisor, it looked looks, spacious and pleasant.

The street outside of Art Trendy Hotel is more peaceful and quiet, because the hotel is situated between the junction of small streets, compared to Church Hotel we stayed on the first two nights.

Thumbs up with the extraordinary service they provided:

  • Friendly receptionist – Good attitude.
  • The map provided by the hotel was Simple and Clear.
  • Wi-fi was generally good.
  • The only 3.5 stars hotel which only provides laptop.

I didn’t get to explore the entire Vietnam as this trip is only to travel the Hanoi area and Halong Bay. It was surely a relaxing and eye opening experience for both of us.

I had a chat Shiny, one of our hotel service crew, but he said that the new ones believes in money, more than praying to god. I am not surprised that this statement comes from a young chap; because I share the share the same vision at his age too. But sometime as I am reaching to my early 30s, I weigh the “value” more than the price.

Employment rate.
Shiny shared with me that every year there are 50 thousands of university graduate emerges to the working society, and perhaps Hanoi is not a mature commercial area, it could be a challenge for the new graduate to find an comfortable desk bound job compared to Singapore.

Shiny also shared with me that the “good jobs” are saturated unless you or your family knows the “well-known” people working in the commercial big offices. Shiny don’t have the long term plan to work in hotel, he is waiting some seniors to retire in his father’s company, so that his father can rope him to work in the office.

I guess most of the younger generation like us do not want to working in a farm; to sow the seeds, walk the buffaloes, harvest the crop the whole year round and to have a simple, but a sustainable live hood. What do you think? Are you perusing your million dollar dream? Or do you think you had enough of these target less achievement, working non stop, stressful hours, feeling so sick of the urban life?

In my opinion, Singapore is never going to revert to what we used to be, and if we want to be living in Singapore with a mid expectation lifestyle, we need to work our socks off to keep up within the rat race. The one who finishes last … Will be hound down by the non stop yearly increasing cost of living; Heathcare, food … the basis necessity.

Alternatively, you can ditch your job and work in a farm in Vietnam?
Lol, it’s like the story of “The Country Mouse meets the City Mouse”


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