You try to keep your iPad or iPhone in a pristine condition as much as possible, till the day you sell away them so that you can fund them to buy a newer model? You can try selling in Ah Beng handphone shop, or sell it to someone in HWZ, Amazon, etc, or you are planning to give it to someone else? Here are some tips for you before you sell your old Apple devices.

Back it up.
Here are couple of ways to keep your data safe and sound before your ex-device is fallen on to someones’ hand.

Backing up with your iTunes is simple, just simply select the backup button when your iPad is connected to your iTunes. The iTunes will back up your settings, application data, iMessages, snap shots and video clips in your Camera Roll.

Apple iCloud Service
You can also backup it up via the Apple iCloud.
Of all the above, the backup does not include music, movies, TV shows, music videos. Don’t worry, those can be easy re-load from your iTunes store; for those which are not purchased from iTunes store, you’ll have to reload them again.

The other 3 Important things matter you most in your devices

1) Contacts – A great way to manage your contact is via gmail, you can simply retrieve your gmail contacts by re-connecting the Google server.

2) Pictures – You can try auto-syncing all your Camera Roll pictures with Google+, Picasa, or Dropbox. Else, i will usually back up them via Image Capture, copy them and store in portable hard disks.

3) Watsapp/ Telegram Messengers – When all the above is backup, you’ll have a peace of mind, all your data are well-kept.

Prep your device 

The buyer or someone who is taking over your old phone is expecting see the device being prep up as good as new condition. This will help the phone from depreciating further during negotiating with the buyer

Clean it – Give a good wipe and clean away those ugly marks and stains. Use a clean cloth and avoid alcohol, glass cleaner, water. If the protective screen is full of scratches, remove it.

The Gathering – Find the original box, sync cable, chargers etc, the things you got when you just purchase it. It will be great if you can find the receipt to proved the date of purchase; if there is still warranty left, the device can fetch a better price. Else, you can also find it via your iTunes.

I will usually scan a copy of the receipt whenever i am buying my gadget and chuck it to my dropbox just in case the hard copy is lost.

All Set, Reset. 

Hold on! Don’t reset it yet!
You can show the buyer that the device is still functioning before hitting the reset button.
Sometime the buyer might back out on you, or you decided not to sell or give it away at the last minute.

When the buyers agrees to deal, then you’ll hit the reset the [Erase All Content and Settings] button, erase all those data from your device. Sad, but i’m sure you are already looking forward to your next new Apple device; the end is the new beginning.


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