After having my dinner, I was surprised to see my regular teh tarik uncle, whom i’ve known him for 4 years, still working at his stall at 9pm.

He gave me a thumbs up signalling me if i want a cup of teh tarik not? i told him why not? I needed some sweeter to comfort my overloading mind.

I asked: “Boss, i thought i saw you this morning at 8:30am? Why are you still here?”

He told me that his wife and him have been working almost 14 hours a day, 7 days a week at their stall for the past 30 over years, they married young and have many mouths to feed, it is their way of life and they are used to it.

I asked him to show me his tea pulling skills while i snapped a photo of him with my camera.

My teh tarik uncle is a friendly guy thou i don’t know his name, i often address him as Boss, he addresses me the same. This is a worthy photo as it reminds me of being discipline, persevere, and humble.


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  1. I went to ABC market for the first time in 3 months and was shocked to see a new signboard and stall owner there! Any idea what happened to the Boss?!

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