Sony RX100 V Review

I got the chance to hands-on the Sony RX100 V for a couple of weeks, and I thought of giving my Sony RX100 V review on this all-powerful, compact point and shoot camera with you.

What is the best point-and-shoot camera? Frankly speaking it probably the smartphone you are carrying in your pocket. Thanks to the improved camera spec, lenses, and simulated portrait lighting. Have flagship smartphones had taken over the traditional digital camera?

The Sony RX100 V is the fifth generation of Sony’s point-and-shoot camera, it embraces some of the top specs, taking over flagship smartphones in the current market.

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Sony RX100 V Review 2
The easy 4 way jog dial button

It uses a newly developed 20-megapixel, 1-inch type “stack” sensor, and 24-70mm f 1.8-2.8 lens. The Sony RX100 V comes with other cool features like the OLED electronic viewfinder, pop-up flash can be tilted which I find it useful to bounce light.

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Zeiss 2.9x optical zoom (24-70mm equivalent) f/1.8-f/2.8 lens

Never Miss a Moment

Smart Focus

Are you tired of missing the perfect moment with your smartphone? The Sony RX100 V has the fastest autofocus that I ever used till date. The camera deploys 315 autofocus points in hybrid phase and contrast detection system.

My favourite focus setting would be the wide focus, with continuous focus mode. I am very impressed that the camera will know what I want to focus, and 9 out of 10 shots were spot on; even under low lighting.

Sony RX100 V Review 5

Burst Rate at 24 frames per second

Some photographer might detest “trigger happy”, but the Sony RX100 V can shoot at the burst rate of 24 frames per second.

I usually use this method to capture my baby boy, to achieve the perfect moments, then delete the unwanted ones during the review.

Sony RX100 V Review 6

Tilt-able Rear Screen

A 3-inch 180-degree tilt enabled rear screen embedded on the rear of the camera. And this one of my favourite feature of this camera. The rear screen allows me to shoot creatively, taking selfies, and I plan to use this camera for vlogging. It is petty that the screen panel is not touched enabled for this premium price point.

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Sony RX100 V pairing with the Manfrotto PIXI EVO 7.7″ Mini Tripod (Black)

Easy File Transfer to Mobile Phone

The Sony apps development team has come a long way in perfecting the mobile apps. The apps mainly allow me to use my mobile as a remote, and to transfer photos from camera to phone via Wi-Fi. I find that the NFC connection is fast and easy to use.

The Remote app: Play Memories Mobile is downloadable from iTunes and Google Play.

Sony RX 100 V is meant for…

As per the superior features I have mentioned above, the Sony RX100 V holds advantages over the emerging smartphones.

The Travellers – The travellers who like to travel light, travellers who want a superior camera to take good holiday photos and videos with the size of a soap bar.

The Parents – The parents who appreciate taking moments and growing process of their young child. The compact camera possesses all features to achieve in capturing the moments, yet small enough to fit into the diaper bags

The Street Photographers – The Sony RX 100V is small and switching electronic shutter to get close to shoot your subject silently, even using continuous shooting mode.

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