Ever wonder one day there is no Internet connect and you feel so lonely without Spotify, Apple Music Service, Youtube… the reliable analog Sony Portable Radio ICF-P36 is here to sing to your ear.

The ICF-P36 Sony Portable Radio was like the love of first sight when i saw it at Sony store @ Nex. The ICF-P36 radio gave me the nostalgic feeling, hearing the local FM radio stations has never been so simple.

The surface area is smaller than my Samsung Note 5.
Single speaker
Single speaker
Simple readable fonts. There's a battery indicator too.
Simple readable fonts. There’s a battery indicator too.
Left profile a earphone jack and volume rocker switch
Left profile a earphone jack and volume dial
The AM, FM and OFF switch
The AM, FM and OFF switch. Come with a free landyard too.
At the top you'll find the ultra sensitive tuning dial.
At the top you’ll find the ultra sensitive tuning dial.

The portable radio is surely a great companion to company you on your camping, fishing trip or having a romantic night under the stars.

If you prefer a portrait form factor design, there’s one more model for you to choose.

Retail Price at SGD $29.00 
For more detail, click on this link

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