Looking for ideas for team building in Singapore? This Sandbox VR Singapore Review might be of help to you!

When SandboxVR invited us to try out the new simulation ‘Amber Sky 2088’, I questioned myself if a group of mid-30s uncles will be able to “handle it”. Well, there is a good saying: “If you never try, you will never know”. Therefore, I will share our experience with you!

Sandbox VR Singapore Review on one of the best Team Building choices in Singapore
New Amber Sky 2088 released by Sandbox VR - Sandbox VR Singapore Review

Checking In

The place was pretty crowded especially on a Friday evening, so I strongly advise you to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. Oh yeah, each game allows a maximum of six players, so don’t “jio” (invite) your father, mother, distant relatives, the whole village, expecting to squeeze inside the VR room?

Please also be punctual, because you won’t want to pushback the next teams’ appointment, right?

We were promptly lead to a greenish (chroma-key green) virtual reality room. The instructors gave us a comprehensive walk-through of the game mechanics, gears and safety precautions. They are also very prompt in helping us out on the trackers on our wrists plus ankles, our accessories vests, the VR backpack which resembles a PC with fans, our weapons, and finally our headgears. It appears like we are auditioning for some science fiction movie.

There is a caveat to note, you are not allowed to wear your spectacles together with the headgear, the instructors will provide you with customised cut prescription lenses to wear; up to a maximum of 700 degrees. It is recommended to use soft lenses if your myopia is severe to enjoy optimum gameplay experience.

The Experience Begins

The plot is set in a futuristic city of New Hong Kong. Opening sequence brings us soaring through the clouds via Earth’s last standing space elevator escorting a mysterious package that could be humanity’s last line of defence from the alien invasion of Earth!

The storyline build-up was slow but intense, we “pew pew pew” at the Alienoids as they sprung up from all corners consecutively around us, some holding onto you as if they are going to gnaw you up! Helping your comrades shaking them off with your flamethrower is one of those heart-thumping yet hilarious highlights of the whole session. You really have to be on a watch at all times.

The plot requires to complete specific objectives as a team, which is an essential aspect of bonding and building here. Old men like us were always incapacitated; you really need other surviving teammates assistance in the midst of chaos to get yourself healed and abled again.

The movement simulations were also well implemented and choreographed with non-complex installations. It is difficult for words to describe so I will recommend you to experience it yourself.

To be honest, most of us were quite worn out by the intense adrenaline elevated actions at the end of the exciting 30 minutes.

We thanked the instructors as soon as we took some ending sequences for the video renders that will be given to us when it is done. We headed for dinner next and had an excellent moment reminiscing the action-packed experience we had earlier. 15 minutes into our meal, we have received the video renders for a keepsake:

Sandbox VR Singapore Review – My Thoughts

Virtual gaming with Sandbox VR was an exciting and engaging experience. It is definitely an excellent option for team bonding activity. We all concluded that all of us genuinely enjoyed the experience

Sandbox VR is located at Orchard Central, #05-31, 181 Orchard Road

About Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is the world’s leading VR Gaming company. They have produced several exclusive VR games such as Deadwood Mansion, Curse of Davy Jones and the new Amber Sky 2088.

For additional information, please visit www.sandboxvr.com/sg .

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