Memories of Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square has become famous due to the wrong reasons recently, and it is making headlines because of a handful of dishonest retailers.

A self-proclaimed Singapore tech geek like me can never forget the good old memories I have with Sim Lim Square in the 90s. I built my own PC with my friend’s help, sourcing the cheapest components from each PC retail shop. The big A3 sized flyers, flyers distributors crowding around you while you are entering the building or making your way up the ever confusing escalators.

I recalled that I bought my first Digital Camera from Alan Photo back in year 2000, it was a Nikon Coolpix something that only comes with just a 2 mega-pixel sensor.

Back then in the 90s, piracy was common and “wallet-friendly” software, games and music were available in almost every retail spaces between levels 3 and 6.

Whenever I have finished my hunt or walk arounds, I will patronize my favourite Beef Rice with egg at the Shanghai Food Stall located at Basement Food Court. (Sadly, the stall has wound up at the time of writing)

I always get confused whenever I want to exit from the building because of how the entrances of the building were laid out. Feels like it is made in a way with some Feng Shui methodology to make keep visitors in the building as long as possible.

But hey, despite the recent saga Sim Lim Square does have a handful of reputable shops, and these are my Top 10 recommend retailers in Sim Lim Square. No particular ranking order.

  1. Orient Photo – Level 6
  2. Alan Photo – Level 1
  3. Fujiya Character and Hobby Shop – Level 2, hiding at the back of some corners
  4. Fuwell – Level 4
  5. G & E Gaming – Level B1
  6. IT Harvest – Level 3
  7. Maculture – Level 5
  8. Gamers Hub – Level 5
  9. Memory World – Level 4
  10. Cybermind – Level 4

More information at Sim Lim Square Website

What about you? Any particular retail shop you always support?

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