Today I am reviewing the ShutterGrip by Just Mobile Review.
A new toy that I bought from TKfoto recently, and I feel that it is worth to share.

People are stopping to take photos with their cameras, and using smartphones instead. Because of convenient sake, fast sharing, image editing on the go etc.


What is it

ShutterGrip instantly transforms your smartphone into a camera-like point and shoot camera. When the tension grip attaches to the phone, it provides an ergonomic handle, and it triggers the phone’s camera shutter with the wireless trigger.



The package comes with the device, battery, lanyard, instruction manual, and warranty card.

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To power up the device, you will first need to install the CR2032 button battery (comes in the package). The Company claims that a new battery will last up to 180 days, based on 500-presses per day.

Next, snap the non-slip bracket on to your mobile phone on the desired position. The bracket can hold up to 3.4in/85mm (max), I have no issue installing on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the phone casing. I am sure that this grip can hold a most popular phone on the market.

The grip felt solid and sturdy while attached to my mobile phone. Rest assure that the grip is so secure that I need to take some effort to remove the clamp.

Connecting the wireless trigger was easy, it is like how you connect your phone with any Bluetooth device. Simple.

ShutterGrip by Just Mobile Review 4

Besides providing a better grip on your smartphone, it also has a 1/4 inch screw threat socket to allow you to attach to selfie sticks or mini tripod. Also, the wireless trigger can detach itself from the camera grip, to allow you to trigger the shutter from a distance.

ShutterGrip by Just Mobile Review 5


The device does have some flaws; sometimes my palm may hit the on-screen main or back buttons accidentally(see image). However, it can be resolved by hiding your menu buttons.

ShutterGrip by Just Mobile Review 6

The Bluetooth trigger will auto turn off after 3 minutes of idling; hence it may take a few seconds for the trigger to turn on from SLEEP mode; still, it is a minor issue.



The ShutterGrip is the best device of a camera phone snapper like me. I like the simple design; it is also the winner of red dot award 2018. The device does provide a better grip for me while I am taking photos with my mobile phone. In my opinion, I’ll say it is a good buy.
Follow this link to read more about ShutterGrip.


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