If you have a Samsung phone, this article may be useful to you. The Samsung Member apps developed by Samsung is here to monitor and solve your phone issue thru the apps and more. Let me share with you.

Where to download

You can find and download the Samsung Member Apps in the Google Play. If you are an iPhone user, you don’t have to continue reading this post, seriously.


What can the apps do?
Support Features

The Samsung Members app comes with the support features; you can get help from Samsung Customer service for selected products.
It allows you to send feedbacks, call, live chat with their support staffs or find the nearest Samsung support centres location.


Samsung periodically offers some events and deals in this section. So keep a lookout for this section regularly.

New & Tips

Exciting news and tips from Samsung in this column.


I am saving the best for the last; the diagnostics section is the most critical section that every Samsung user should take note.

Samsung had done a great job to recreate hardware test mode into a clean and straightforward graphical interface.

Tapping FREE UP NOW to stop apps from running in the background and delete unwanted, unnecessary data such as cached, temporary and ad files.

Alongside with cleaning unwanted memory and storage, uninstall unused apps to free up internal storage space and improve your phone’s performance.

There is also an optimised settling to turn off unused functions to reduce battery consumption and speed up your phone.


In my opinion, I would recommend installing the Samsung Member apps, as it serves as an essential tool to upkeep your beloved Samsung phone’s performance.

Do you know?

Do you know that you can access the Android phone general test mode by entering the code *#0*# onto the dial pad?

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