After getting the Samsung Note 8, I was very eager to do a Samsung DeX Station Review, I did some research online and when to the Samsung Experience Store to know more about this device.

The Samsung DeX Station turns your phone into a working desktop when you connect the phone to the docking station and your monitor or television using a HDMI cable.

SingTel Samsung Note 8 was giving away FREE Samsung Dex in their pre-order sign-up package, but i wanted to wait to see what Apple has to present on their new phones in their Apple Event. My final verdict eventually turned out to be Samsung Note 8; I love stylus.

Samsung Dex Station Review

Though I don’t own a Samsung Dex Docking Station yet, but I can conclude some of these hardware issues…

Taking off phone cover is a chore

Due to it poorly design dock, we need to take off our handphone cover to fit into the dock. All those Otterbox, UAG cover owners, Good Luck to you.

No 3.5mm Audio output

Although the Samsung Dex has a HDMI cable output, they are presumably connecting to a TV, but what about a monitor with no audio output?


Retailing at SGD$198.00. Spotted some Carousellers selling away their pre-order freebies ranging between SGD$70 ~ SGD$100.00


On the other hand, I bought a USB Type-C Hub from a Carouseller for my Company’s laptop, and one day I was meddling with this hub, I tried connecting my Samsung Note 8 with the Type-C Hub onto my PC Monitor and … The DeX interface appears before my eyes. AWESOME.

Anyways, let me share with you more of this Hub, this hub includes these following slots

  • 2 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Micro SD Card
  • SD Card
  • Type-C (For charging)
  • HDMI 4K display

Samsung DeX Station Review 1 Samsung DeX Station Review 2

For my new economical friendly DeX, I’ve connected the following devices to the Type-C Hub

Samsung DeX Station Review 3

It is like having a mini PC on my desk, and the Samsung Note 8 is a powerhouse handphone with amazing specs, I was running the software/ apps with ease, no lags, however, not all Apps are compatible with the DeX software. I will share my Samsung Dex User’s Experience in another article.

Great alternative to Samsung Dex Dock – WHY?

Handphone cover stays

The USB Type-C plug on the Hub is small enough to plug onto your Samsung Note 8 without troubling you to take off your phone cover.

Please don’t take my jack away

The Samsung Note 8’s 3.5mm audio is readily accessible; hence, you can connect it to any compatible speakers or earphones in the market.

Samsung DeX Station Review 4

Affordable Price

Let’s recap:
Samsung is selling this at SGD$198.00
Online Sellers or Second hand at SGD$70.00
This Type-C hub cost only SGD$45.00

You do the Math

Samsung DeX Station Review 5

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3 Responses

  1. How to setup this hub, to become samsung Dex?
    I’ve bought this hub, but when I’m connected to my S8, it always become screen mirroring.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, did you bought exactly the same hub? There is a setting menu for you to choose between screen mirroring or dex desktop; in the display setting. 🙂

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