This Samsung Dex Review is written as an addendum to my previous post.
Also a special shout-out to @kennyboy from the HardWareZone Forums – thanks for your feedback and thus, this followup is born. This time GPGT 😉

Capture from hardwarezone forums
Screen capture from hardwarezone Forums


The product is wrapped in a sexy box with a hook so that you can hang it in on the wall like an art piece. Packaging looks premium, contents are minimal, easy unboxing!

  • Samsung DeX Docking Station
  • Quick Reference Guide
Premium packaging from Samsung - Samsung DeX Review
Samgun DeX Station – Premium packaging from Samsung

First Impression

The Samsung DeX docking station packs a premium and sturdy feel and it looks like a Tibetan singing bow, the top cover slides upwards at near 90-degree angle smoothly which acts as a support for your mobile device.

Samsung Dex Station Product
Resembles like a Tibetan Singing Bowl

The rubber paddings at the bottom of the docking device ensure a slip-free experience.

Rubber paddings at the bottom of Samsung DeX
Sturdy make quality and rubber paddings at the bottom of Samsung DeX

In the connectivity department, you will find two USB2.0 ports; mainly for your additional peripherals, one Ethernet, one HDMI and one USB-C for powering the device.

Input Output Ports on Samsung DeX
All your IO ports at the back of the Docking Station

Powering Up

As I powered up the device, there isn’t any indication that it’s currently running. It will great they could add a LED indicator to show that the docking station is currently powered on.

Unfortunately, I had to peel off my UAG Monarch case, because the USB-C connector on the docking station is too shallow to connect to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is rather inconvenient as most of the popular phone case like the UAG, Spigen, and Otterbox usually have an all-around quality insulation wrapping around the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in a Spigen Case
Restrictions to other non Samsung Cases

Within a few seconds, the Samsung DeX operating system lights up my desktop display after connecting to the docking station. I observed no lag while operating my keyboard and mouse, the software is also very responsive, mainly due to Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s powerful processor (more information on the specifications here).

There is also a small exhaust system which will kick in if the phone is undergoing an overdrive – A pretty great touch to keep things cool for this Samsung DeX Review ;P

Full desktop setup with Samsung Dex Station
Full desktop setup with Samsung Dex Station


I have to give it to Samsung for making an excellent and straightforward operating system, which I will be covering my Samsung DeX Experience in my next post.

The Samsung DeX Station is retailing at SGD$198.00 at major computer retail stores and Samsung Experience Stores.

For the price we are paying, I hope Samsung can throw in an additional USB-C cable or a power adapter.

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