Profoto is world leading strobe light brands in the market, they provide good quality strobes for photography professional. Profoto had produced the Profoto A1 studio light, it is an entry level studio light, a great camera accessory to substitute the speed lite, affordable, and a useful add-on for those who already own an existing Profoto system.

I was pleased to get the chance to take a sneak peak at Profoto A1 launch event organized by Sri on 5 Oct.

First impression

Profoto A1 Hands-on 1 The Profoto A1 feels light and right in the hand, the credits goes to the battery department. The rechargeable lithium ion battery is able to last 350 shots at full flash. It so easy to use the rear screen is big and the buttons layout are simple and intuitive.

Profoto A1 Hands-on 2Compare to the conventional speed lite, the Profoto A1 has a one of its kind dome shape head that gives off a more natural and soft smooth fall off. The dome head is attached onto the A1 magnetically, it is pretty sturdy thou.

Profoto A1 Hands-on 3

The other mention-able features
– Light and portable
– LED Modeling Light
– Integrated AirTTL
The TTL works with Nikon and Canon system for now, as for Sony, Fujifilm and other systems, you’ll have to wait till early 2018.
– Extremely FAST recycling

Profoto A1 Hands-on 4Profoto A1 Hands-on 5

Profoto A1 Hands-on 6
Extremely fast recycling… BAM BAM BAM
Profoto A1 Hands-on 7
From Russia with love, the Profoto A1 combine with Fujifilm XT2

In my own words…The Profoto A1 is like the Audi A1, the entry model from the confidential region, high quality, intuitive, innovative, it will retail in major camera shops in end of November at SGD$1,498.00

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