I was “supermarketing” with my wife in Meidi-Ya at Liang Court recently, and while strolling along our favorite section (Instant Noodle), the Original cum Imported Nissin Instant Noodle Demae Iccho packaging priced at SGD$11.50 caught my attention.

Then i also come across the local Nissin Demae Iccho, the local Nissin Demae Iccho packaging looks smaller in size, the cartoon character skin tone looks more fairer and pinky, and it is Halal certified, so my Muslim friends can also enjoy the Japanese Instant Noodle. (A bowl of Mee Rebus tastes better thou, but higher in calories – LOL enough side track) Out of curiosity, I dug into my wallet and bought one packet to try… lo.
nissin instant noodle Preparation
noodle002It was also my first time making the Ramen Tamago
noodle003From some video in Youtube, i was taught to plant the eggs into the boiling water and let it
boil for 6 minutes.
noodle004After 6 minutes, transfer the eggs into ice cold water and let it cool down. Peels the shells and dipped them into a mixture consists of water and light soya sauce, and soak it overnight. But due to time constraint, extreme hunger, the eggs were not soaked at all.
noodle005 noodle006Stripping the packaging, the Imported noodle seems to be more compact and solid.
noodle007Dunk the noodle into boiling water; serving for two. Based on my years of experience in preparing instant noodle, it takes longer to cook the noodle compared to local ones. How long did i take? I don’t know, it’s all about judgement.
noodle008noodle009Ta-dah… The Nissin Demae Iccho is done, i’ve added seaweed (not included in the packing), and also my failed Ramen Tamago.

How is the Original Nissin Demae Iccho compared to Halal Demae Iccho
– The serving is more and satisfied my expectation
– Soup tasted salter, meaning the MSG is more generous (in my own opinion)
– Instant Noodle should not be consumed regularly unless my home runs out of fresh ration…

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