Before the representative walked up the stage to her presentation, my fellow media friend took a selfie with the Oppo R15 Pro. I brought along a USB-C type thumb drive to save the photos for reference. To my surprise, the thumb drive couldn’t fit in, because the phone was still using the mini-USB port. Gosh, that was such a dinosaur, it turned me off instantly…
The story continues…

Oppo R15 and R15 Camera Phone Launch 1

Oppo R15 and R15 Camera Phone Launch 2

On the shell, the Oppo R15 looks pretty much similar to the existing smartphone in the market. Glass panels on both sides, fingerprint magnets, glossy sides, rear finger sensor, almost near the edge to edge bezel and a notch at the top screen.

The Oppo R15 comes in gradient trendy colour, like the Ruby Red, Cosmic Purple etc., the glossy colour shade changes when you tilt in a different angle.

Oppo R15 and R15 Camera Phone Launch 3

Better Camera Performance

At the camera department, the Oppo R15 adopted the SONY IMX519 sensor. Another phone brand that ability to recognise the different type of scenes like landscape, food, portrait etc. with AI technology. This AI technology seems to be the new norm for marketing gimmicks among phone makers.

The camera interface is very similar to iPhone-type, too bad I can’t give a detailed comment on the picture quality as the launch was crowded and not much time to spend with the phone.

Both phone models share different rear dual camera spec, R15 – 16MP+5MP and R15Pro – 16MP+20MP

Oppo R15 and R15 Camera Phone Launch 4

Good Memory

The Oppo 15 series has increasing memory and internal storage space of 128 GB across both models


Other notable features

For ease of mobile transactions, the Oppo R15 Pro equipped with NFC features.

Both models marked with IP67, water resistant and splash-proof. The phone will not die on you if you drop it in the “jiam ban” (hokkien – toilet bowl)


Price tag

The Oppo 15 series are currently available pre-orders and will be officially launching on 26-May-2018 onwards.
Oppo R15 is retailing at $749.00, and Oppo R15 Pro is retailing at $899.00.


Impressive After Sale

Oppo made the following after sales commitment:
– Dedicated Oppo Care Centre
– 2 Years Service Warranty; no charge on labour fee
– 1-time free glass replacement within the first year
– 1-hour walk-in repair
– Lifetime software support
– First 30 days exchange policy

In my words

Those features announced in the presentation were nothing new compared to other phone launches I attended a least a year ago, and I hope Oppo can innovate some new. The Mini USB port is a total turn-off, a slap in the face (what are you guys thinking?). Then I realised that there is still FM functions which remind me of those primitive phone days.

Still, the phone feels very well constructed, and I like the eye candy on the GUI, very colourful and trendy. I would say that the Oppo R15 series will appeal to the millennials, social influencers, “influencees”. For someone wants a fashionable phone with nostalgic phone features.

Oppo R15 and R15 Camera Phone Launch 5

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