Good gracious, Singaporean are now crazy about brown rice, Macdonald is expanding its range of wholegrain offerings with the launch of Red Rice Porridge.

MacDonald's offers New Red Rice Porridge 1

Who made this?

The latest breakfast item created by local chef Anna Lim, who is Anna? Anna Lim is an avid cook, started The Soup Spoon with two business partners in 2002, it was a leap of faith which turned out to be a huge success.


HPB Approved

The Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommends choosing whole grains whenever possible. Ms Audrey Tong, Director of Corporate and Industry Partnerships Division, HPB said, “It is encouraging to see food and beverage establishments, such as McDonald’s, provide more options on their menus for consumers to choose wholegrain varieties. With more of these alternatives available, consumers can make choices which can improve the quality of their diet as they work towards a healthier lifestyle.”

MacDonald's offers New Red Rice Porridge 2



The modern creation loaded with hearty ingredients including sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, bean curd, corn and goji berries, every mouthful of Red Rice Porridge is packed with natural flavours and goodness, with no added MSG.

With 100% red rice and less than 150 Calories in each serving, the Red Rice Porridge carries HPB’s ‘Higher in Wholegrain and Lower in Calories’ Healthier Choice Symbol. The porridge is also suitable for both vegans and vegetarians alike.


“Macdonald could have added some century egg and “you tiao” (Chinese oil stick) to bring the porridge to another level.” – Xavier Lum


“When I tasted red rice during a visit to Bhutan and learnt about the much-loved staple in the people’s diet, I was inspired to create a fusion recipe using this nutritious wholegrain and my love for porridge, a familiar hawker fare that many Singaporeans enjoy for breakfast. This was how the Red Rice Porridge was born – a simple yet perfect combination of nutrition, flavour and comfort,” said Souperchef Anna


When can you taste it?

From 5 April 2018, the Red Rice Porridge will be available as a permanent offering during breakfast hours in all restaurants as well as via McDelivery® from $3.40 for a-la-carte orders.

Customers can also savour the wholesome porridge with Premium Roast Coffee or Tea from $4.30 or in a Breakfast Extra Value Meal™ that includes a Hashbrown or Corn Cup (3oz) on top of Premium Roast Coffee or Tea from $5.80.

MacDonald's offers New Red Rice Porridge 3

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