I traded off my Apple iPad Pro 10.5inch for the 12.9 inch recently, why? Because BIGGER the BETTER. Well… I will tell you why I made the switch on a separate article.I used to own the Logitech Slim Folio and you can find the review here.So let’s focus on the review on the Logitech Slim Combo, shall we?

Firstly, I must say that this is one of the best cover cum keyboard that Logitech made for the Apple IPad Pro 12.9 inch. Here’s why…

Slim profile

The high quality plastic covers well around the iPad Pro, it gives me the feeling that my iPad Pro will be well protected and yet so slim. On my separate review, I mentioned that Logitech Slim Folio (10.5) has this excess gap between the cover and keyboard, which made the whole assembly so “fat”. But this Slim Combo thickness is much slimmer.

Logitech Slim Combo Review 1
Comparing with the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse

With the slim profile, I am able to fit into my everyday carrier; Peak Design Everyday Sling.

I do need to give a little squeeze and remove the Apple Pencil so that it can be zipped perfectly.
FYI, my Peak Design Everyday Sling contains, Wallet, Power Bank, Fujifilm-XT2 with XF23f2 lens, extra batteries, Note Book, Name Cards.
Logitech Slim Combo Review 2
Apple pencil will have to be removed to fit in
Logitech Slim Combo Review 3
It is a tight fit

Right Angle

There are 2 micro hinges on the back cover that allows you to tilt your iPad Pro at most any angles you want. This is the ONLY cover in the market that you can find that allows you do that. With this versatility, I am to able to place my iPad Pro, on reading mode, drawing mode, upright portrait mode. I am very impressed with this cover.

Logitech Slim Combo Review 4
Flexible angle
Logitech Slim Combo Review 5
Micro hinges
Logitech Slim Combo Review 6
Sexy back

Smart Connector

No batteries required as it uses the Smart Connector to tap power from the iPad Pro, i don’t find that the keyboard drains the power from iPad Pro. It gives me a lot of convenience, and I don’t need to waste much time to set up the Bluetooth connection.

Keyboard tap tap

The keyboard tactile feel is awesome, the keyboards are well spaced because of the larger screen, it feels like typing on my Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch (mid-2013) Click, click, click.

Comparing to the Apple Smart Keyboard, the Logitech Slim Folio has a better typing experience, and it lights up! Awesome! iOS keyboard shortcuts at the top row gives conveniences.

Logitech Slim Combo Review 7
Light up keyboard

Will the Logitech Slim Combo works with Apple Smart Cover?

Yes it does, i tried it personally at the Apple Shop.

The only FLAW i find on Logitech Slim Combo…

Shortcut Button 

The Logitech Slim Combo received low ratings in the Apple Store, a lot of reviewers did said that the “Play” Button is easily activated when the Cover and Keyboard is closed, Yes, they were right, and it is quite plain in the ass, my Spotify played accidentally when i was holding the iPad Pro. It is not really a big matter, I don’t think Logitech will come out with any firmware to fix this issue; i simply switch the iPad Pro to mute.

When the Sun and Moon collides…

I tried both the Apple Smart Keyboard and the UAG Metropolis Case earlier, but nothing beats the Logitech Slim Combo. The Logitech Slim Combo costs SGD $249.00 and the Apple Smart Keyboard costs $268.00; both can found in the Apple Store.The Logitech Slim Combo allows flexible angles, lighted keyboard, sturdy material, both cover and keyboard can be detached easily and it cheaper than the Apple Smart Keyboard.In my opinion, it the best companion for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9. (till date)

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