The new Apple Ipad Pro 10.5 inch was out in Singapore on 13-Jun-2017, and I am one of the early adopter (sucker) to buy this baby on the actual day of release. After splurging on this advice device the next question will be, how am i going to protect this new toy?

The Apple Shop Singapore does sell some accessories, like the Smart cover, the Smart leather cover, the Smart sleeves, or the Smart keyboard, but they not able to protect the device fully.

I am writing my article as of 30-Jun-2017, till date, my Apple iPad Pro 10.5 is fitted with Apple Smart Cover, but it does not have a back cover to protect the rear of the Ipad, especially to protect the protruding 12 mega-pixel rear camera.

As I have always been a Logitech loyal fan, and I was excited to know that the Logitech Slim Combo iPad Pro Case 10.5 inch was available at the Apple Online Store. Thought I already know that the cover didn’t received a good review from other consumers, but I am determined to get one, get my hands on it and share my opinion on this device.

After a couple of hours of usage, below is my review.


  • Smart Connect Keyboard instant connection, no need to go thru those bluetooth connections.
  • No charging required, power up via Smart Connector.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Personally prefer the tactile feel, compared to Apple Smart Keyboard.
  • Easy detachable between keyboard and cover.
  • Sturdy hinge allowing the Ipad Pro to adjust at a certain range and stay in place.  
  • Robust “Otter-box quality” plastic cover, able to withstand knocks; but I will not try any drop test.


  • Not Cheap, but cheaper than Apple Smart Keyboard by a few dollars
  • Not as Slim as I thought, Logitech should not name it as slim
  • Not as Light as i thought, after fitting in the Ipad Pro 10.5, everything is kinda heavy, comparable to my Mac Book Pro mid 2012.
  • It is a pity that the gap on the cover is not wide enough to fit the original Apple Smart Cover.


Weighing between the pros and cons, I can’t say that Logitech did a very bad job, it seems like this product is made in a rush and I hope that Logitech can put in more thoughts in making the product more slimmer and lighter.

The Logitech Slim Combo iPad Pro Case provides enough protection for whom is using it on the field, on site, for engineers on rugged environment. It may not appeal to those those who likes to travel light.

I may not keep this case, and would rather fit the Apple Ipad Pro with a simple TPU protective rear cover that cost only a few bucks, plus a Apple Smart Cover to cover the front, and bring along my Logitech K810 if i need to type.


Here’s the specification from Logitech’s website

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