Hello everyone, today i am going to give a review on the G Watch R from LG.
If you are looking for the specification of this watch here, you are not going to find here. I bought this watch recently and owned it about 3 weeks, and here is my easy to digest and broken english review of this fantastic LG G Watch R.

The watch frame is well designed and the frame is not complicated, this watch suits your everyday wear from business suit to casual outdoor wear. Consumers are spoiled by choices with all the current smart watches there. I had shortlisted some watches before deciding to by the G Watch R. The other choices were Pebble Steel and Moto 360, the pebble steel is too small for my “masculine” wrist, and the Moto 360 looks more like a female’s accessories.

The G Watch R comes with leather straps but it can easily replaced by normal 22mm band or strap. It’s up to your creativity to configure your strap with the watch face.

I am very pleased with the watch interface is fixed with P-Oled; still visible under sunlight and low batt consumption compared to LEDs ones, however the glass is not a Gorilla Glass, so… you know.


The initial connect with my Android phone is fairly intuitive, and takes approximate 1 to 2 mins to pair both phone and watch up. Off and on, the watch connectivity will disconnect with the phone, and i don’t know why.

It is my first time owning a smart watch and i find that the notification function is pretty useful. Messages from whatsapp, telegram, emails, phone calls from the phone will push to the watch, and i don’t have to take out the phone from my pocket unnecessary.

The “Ok Google” is pretty neat, i am able to make simple message replies by talking to the phone; by doing so, i caught some commuters’ attention, they might think that i am a lunatic.

– Bright color rich screen powered by P-Oled.
– Classy stylish look.
– Stripe can be easily replaced with existing ones in the market.

– Only 410 mah battery juice, but it can last approximately 1.5 days.
– Default watch strap quality don’t feel premium.
– No Gorilla Glass

I bought this watch for fashionable purpose, and i am delighted to find that the push notification brought me convenience too. I just hope that the next few generation of watches can have better battery life.

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