I’ve been using the Kindle 5 for the past few days and I simply love it. For anyone who loves reading, the Kindle 5 is a catch. Currently reading : Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
I’m sure you’ll be able to find the full spec and an general review of this device from youtube, HWZ or from other bloggers. This is my personal review of this lovely device.

The reason of getting this kindle, and instead of using my iPad is that it is a truly simple device for someone who want to focus on reading.

With the numerous apps and the functionality in iPad, one can be carried away while reading his/her ebook. One moment, you might be checking your facebook, then watsapp, imessage, emails, or distracted by the notification, do you agree with me? On the other hand, Kindle lets you concentrate on your reading.

Pros: Light-weight, comfortable to hold on hand, better than holding a book. Fantastic e-ink display, non reflective screen under bright lights compared to ipad, amazing long battery life, it is simple.

Frankly, I do not mind purchasing the Kindle with advertisement included. The advertisements are only displayed while your device is on idle “screen saver” mode or at the bottom banners on the main screen. If you’re anal with the ads, you can simply pay USD$20.00 to amazon to get rid of the ads or pay a bit more to buy those non-ads included ones.

My camp mates thought that I was reading the twilight, but it was actually the ads, i am not a fan of blood suckers nor into bloody love romance story.

Update as on 21 Nov, in my honest opinion, i don’t think it is necessary to get a 3 party or original kindle cover. Fitting into the cover loses the “raw” feel while you’re hold the kindle to read. However, it you wish protect from scratches or moisture, i would suggest getting on of these inexpensive zip lock bag (see below).

Purchased from: http://sweetevilspree.blogspot.sg/

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