The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Review from Xavier Lum, Singapore

I hope everyone had a good year in 2015. Goodbye SG50 and hello 2016. Very often my wife ask me why i buy so many keyboards, and i will ask the same question, why women like to buy bags and shoes? Haha let’s not get into this topic any further.

Anyways, this is an extremely short review of the the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard which i have bought recently. 

blog160109 - logitech002blog160109 - logitech004I bought the Logitech K380 out of curiosity and impulse, but i must say that it was a good buy for it’s price range. The market retail is priced at SGD $54.00, i got mine from Challenger.

The Logitech K380 is small and portable multi-device bluetooth keyboard that allows you to pair to your PC, Mac, Apple iPhones, iPads, Androids devices, practically most devices in the market, i am pleased that it can paired to my Apple TV. It also allows you to connect to 3 devices, i feel that it’s a norm for Logitech models.

It is sleek and small compare to it’s older and cumbersome brother K480. As i said earlier, Logitech k380 is also lighter and portable; where i will pack it in my bag (on-the-go), however, it does not has a holder, so you have to think a creative to hold your mobile device while typing.

The characters are well spaced and i love the button tactile, which attract me to buy her from the self. I prefer the K380 keyboard layout than the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard; where the keys spacing are cramped and tactile feeling feel kinda cheap.

blog160109 - logitech003I am only disappointed that this keyboard runs on 2 x AAA sized batteries, the batteries in both my ex-keyboards Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, and Logitech Desktop Keyboard leaked because i forgotten to remove the batteries before storing them in my vault.

Pros – Well spaced keys and nice tactile feel
Pros – Sleek and light
Pros – Practical and easy to use
Pros – Worth for it’s economical price.
Cons – No holder to hold your mobile devices
Cons – Runs on alkaline batteries still

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