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A good friend of mine, the editor of this post, did a very good job in correcting my english grammar yet, this below expresses my thoughts of technology and how we communicate in this new era.

My friends, we have reached the first decade of the 21st century; it does sound as if we are living in the Space Age, where cars hover across the metropolitan, robots replacing humans to do chores or dangerous stunts, human battling aliens, earth in treat of total devastation… as seen in those amazing movies since our childhood.

However reality proven otherwise, nothing was really changed except for a more challenging global economy, where developed countries face tough competition from developing countries like India and China as they provide products and services at much cheaper rates.

Meanwhile, advertisers have been on a aggressive and innovation marketing spree – young people are convinced (if not lured) to splurge their resources on branded goods, gadgets and posh cars and this is being exacerbated by peer pressure and the ever-present herd mentality. Left unchecked and unsupervised, this may lead to financial difficulties, worse if in already difficult times.

With the launch of the Iphone and Samsung from three Telcos, more Singaporeans are now spending more of their time online, often social networking in Facebook or sharing their daily happenings in Twitter. I wonder, is it only because it’s cheaper and less time consuming than having a real gathering with friends? What has happened to face-to-face meetings we used to cherish months (or years) ago?

Amidst these questions floating in my mind, here are three thoughts that I think I should share with you.

1. Nothing is permanent in this dynamic, fast-paced society, so we should keep upgrading ourselves and make sure we are not left behind.

2. We might be unconsciously indulging on our resources – money, fuel, water – that I hope in the this new decade before us that we shall seek to develop more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways of living and

3. Instead of facebooking, commenting, poking, twittering, let’s meet up more often.

Because nothing beats a warm handshake, the sound of laughter, and the heart-warming smile on your face.



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