This review is dedicated from a formerly x20 owner who bought the new FujifilmX30 recently. He brought the camera to the beautiful island Tasmania with his wife for a week, and he would like to share his personal opinion of this gorgeous camera. If you like to see the full specification of this model, I suggest you to visit dpreview instead.
Anyways, here’s my Fujifilm X30 review

I received quite a lot useful freebies when i pre-ordered the Fujifilm X30, like the camera cover, the lens filter and lens hood. I remembered I had to pay almost one hundred bucks to buy the original lens filter and lens hood. Based on my previous experience with X20, the lens hood is a MUST to protect your precious lens again knocks.

I ever thought of bringing my old Nikon D300 along, and I am glad I’ve made the right decision. It will be very cumbersome to bring the DSLR while hiking, and you wont really enjoy it. Most importantly, it’s the weight factor that matters, with the Fujifilm X30, I don’t have to carry other lens and simply slot into my crumpler camera bag, and it’s done, simple!

I happily took my newly bought Fujifilm X30 to my Tasmania holiday.

Though X30 is just a 2/3″ inch sensor but it is good enough to produce decent quality image. With it’s smaller sensor I can achieved impressive high “fps” continuous shot, as high as 12 frames per shot; like the iPhone. Example taking my wife doing the “jump shot” was easy.

Impressive start up speed
Like it predecessor, I love the quick startup by simply turning the lens barrel, whenever something interesting appears before me, I am always ready.

It is not difficult by someone who don’t know about photography to operate the Fujifilm X30, my wife has a good sense of composition but she don’t know anything about PASM, it doesn’t matter… My wife was concerned that the camera was too complicated for her, however compared to the more advanced model, like the X100S, XPro1, just simply switch to SR+ mode and let the camera run the show.

And of course, this season production Fujifilm X cameras are installed with the Classic Chrome colors, the color is really fantastics, i usually don’t alter the color while doing post processing. That’s always a plus point Fujifim has compared to other brand of camera.

Compared to X20 and X30, Fujifilm had up-sized it’s battery Cheers! One battery can last me one day trip, provide that i like to shot multiple shots, once depleted i’ll just  switch to the extra battery Fujifilm Singapore provided.

No ND Filter
The downside is that the X30 doesn’t come with ND filter, I tried looking for a polarized lens but no luck from the local camera shops. Toggling the exposure up to minus 3 stops might do the trick to capture sunny landscape, what I did to use exposure bracketing and merge them with Photoshop.

What makes X30 a good traveling camera is that it has zoom features, the interface is easy to operate, big enough to grip, the premium built makes you feel shiok holding in your hand, and the retro looking design looks awesome as ever. Some of the travelers who help to take pictures of us were impressed by the color and picture appeared on the read LCD panel. A lady complimented the EVF looks better than her Nikon D5300.

No Selfie LCD Panel
It a pity that rear LCD panel does not do a 180 degree articulate, not able to do selfie easily. It can be done by using the wifi remote with your mobile phone application. You only take a few seconds to establish the link before you are ready to selfie.

Built Quality
No doubt this round, the Fujifim X30 is made in China, but after 2 weeks of usage, the camera is still feel as good as ever, the built quality was not compromised. Designed in California and Made in China – sounds familiar ya.

The Fujifilm X30 is a really great camera for both camera pro and for someone who is new to photography. Fujifilm’s strength is still the COLOR and i totally love it, it saves me a lot of time while post processing my camera. It has good grip and if you like the good old school looking camera, this camera is for you. It is not necessary for Fujifilm to upgrade the image processor because i feel it is good enough. The X30 image details does definitely lose out to bigger size sensor cameras. But hey, taking photography is not only about image quality but the overall photo taking experience. The Fujifim X30 is a FUN camera.

Disclaimer: I bought the Fujifilm X30 myself and enjoyed the whole experience and i am just sharing my honestly opinion with you.

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The morning dusk ...
The morning dusk … taken using the Interval timing capture.
Classic chrome from fujifilm, it made the sky a lot more beautiful
Classic chrome from Fujifilm, it made the sky a lot more beautiful
Tasmania - 03
Simply love the color
Classic chrome, the color as is with no post color processing.
Classic chrome, the color as is with no post color processing.
Tasmania - 05
The Fujifilm X30 quick start up allows me to capture the moment.
Tasmania - 06
B+W post process, but of course the image quality is not as good as taken from Full frame cameras
On the way back to Singapore... at MEL airport
On the way back to Singapore… at MEL airport

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  1. Hi,

    I have also recently bought a X30. Incidentally, I also used a D300. I found the jpeg not sharp when downloaded to Capture NX for post processing.
    Do you shoot in Fujifilm RAW or JPEG? What software do you use? The images looked very good on the x30 screen though.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I have never used a premium point and shoot camera and there is much to learn.

    Thank you.


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