Welcome to my part 2 of the Fujifilm X70 Review.

For these past few days, i have been cradling this new camera like a new born, fiddling the it’s knobs and switches, burst some continuous shots. The camera sensor and knobs should more or less “run-in”.

Just sharing some thoughts on the mechanical component of this camera.

Operating the XT1 ON OFF switch is much easier

FujifilmX70_2_003ON OFF SWITCH
From my Part 1 article, i mentioned about the stiff on off switch that bugs me.  And after few days of tries, i am still not satisfied with this switch. I have more difficulties turning it OFF rather than turning it ON. My friend told me to apply lubricant or grease for a try, i said “SIAO AH?!”

FujifilmX70_2_002Control Ring
Due to it’s small and compact design constraint, the focal ring is small, not fat fingers friendly. Moreover, with the free half case attached on the bottom, it is even harder to turn. But there again, i don’t find it a problem because i seldom use manual focus.

FujifilmX70_2_005Body Cover
For a four digit price tag point and shoot camera, i was expecting to see a better premium body cover. The skin is matt black finished, it has a less coarse feel than the Ricoh GRII, even the cheaper Fujifilm X30 is mostly wrapped with the leather skin.

Just a feedback that i hope they can make the shutter and exposure knobs more thicker for easier adjustment. I like the new Olympus Pen F top buttons construction, those main controller knobs are thicker by burrowing into the top chassis.

FujifilmX70_2_006Control Ring Setting (Fn7) Button
This significant mole at the side of the camera is there set how the control ring works, similar to what the Ricoh GRII has. But since it is not easy to turn the control ring, this button is redundant.

FujifilmX70_2_001Selector Buttons
It is not easy to house everything at the back of this camera, unlike the Fujifilm X100 series cameras, it is uncomfortable to press the selector buttons, especially the left selector located extremely near the rear LCD panel. Very often i have to use the tip of my finger nail to press it.

FujifilmX70_2_008Half Leather Case
Hope Fujifilm can look into replacing the flat head screw to this type of screw, so we can still mount the camera onto the tripod with the half case on. Ultimately, we just want something to protect the bottom of the camera against knocks. Adding on the clunky half case may take away the form factor.

fujifilm_strapWrist Strap
Fellow Fujifilm ClubX member feedback that the free strap has some quality issue, apparently there were other members also encountered this too. That is why i rather splurge on a good camera strap like the Angelo pelle or the a Lance strap; you can find them in Riceball Photography Bookstore.

Overall, this camera feels solid a bit heavier than Ricoh GRii, the buttons layout is kinda compact,  i feel more comfortable to hold and operating the buttons on Fujifilm X100T . I am also skeptical that some claiming that the X70 is pocketable. Well… at least it can be tucked into smaller camera bags.

The key feature of this model would be the touch screen enabled LCD panel, the first in Fujifilm X series camera. It has a 180 degree tit screen for selfie. The rear panel pixel resolution is only 1,040,000 dots compared to the Ricoh GRII 1,230,000 dots, still the image display is satisfactory.

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