The Fuijifilm X70 camera… this camera made me decide to sell away my Ricoh GRII, i wish i have both of these cameras, but i guess we have to make sacrifices sometime.

Frankly i didn’t have much time to play with this Fujifilm X70 at the Fujiflim Studio, nor i am able to loan one from Fujifilm Singapore because i am not famous enough. Anyways, still i’m proud to say that this is an unbiased article nor a paid advertisement. I am just sharing from my point of view, and hope it can help other consumers or other enthusiasts to make a better decision before buying this camera.

FujifilmX70001I got my pre order loot from M S Color Service located at AMK hub, for consumers who are staying at the North or Northeast of Singapore, you may want to consider getting from M S Color. In my opinion, they provide very good customer service, and give good price too. For Fujifilm cameras you can look for Rick Tan, he is the Fujifilm sales guy based at M S Color.

Beside the freebies from Fujifilm Singapore, i got the Samurai Dry box, a sturdy tripod cum selfie stick, and memory card from M S Color. Haha… all these freebies in this picture made my camera so tidy.

FujifilmX70006Lens Hood
Praise Fujifilm Singapore for giving these accessories on their pre-order promotion. I attached the free lens hood to protect the lens. However, the you won’t be able to cover with the camera original metal cap, so you will need to find a third party cap to cover your lens.

I attached it with a Angelo pelle leather strap that i bought it from Riceball Photography Bookstore.

FujifilmX70005FujifilmX70007FujifilmX70009Leather Half Case
Good thing that Fujifilm throw in the leather half case BLC-X70, which i find it very useful. This can surely protect your new toy, it enlarges the hand grip, it also has a moveable cover at the bottom for you to change the battery or memory card. One point is that you cannot mount the camera on the tripod with the leather case on.

FujifilmX70008Fabric Cover
What a wonderful surprise, i found a fabric cover inside the half case box. The fabric cover is big enough to hold the camera with the half case and lens hood on. Clap clap.

I received an additional battery Fujifilm NP-95 from this bundle, since I also own a Fujiflim X30 and they use the same batteries. In total, i have 4 batteries now!

FujifilmX70004External Flash
The external flash Fujifilm EF-X8 is NOT part of the freebie, I got this flash from my Fujifilm XT-1; i always like to interchange these accessories among my cameras. And it does not work at all.

FujifilmX70002Hard to turn you ON
How can you tell a car is well built? For me… as soon as i open the car door, the door handle should give you a sturdy feel and a solid “Click” sound when you pull the lever.
As for cameras, when i first turn on the Fujifilm X70, the lever is kinda short, hence i need to apply more force to rotate the switch. So much for first impression.

I will continue more in Part 2. Goodnight…

Part 2 is ready

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