I am thrilled to know that Fujifilm is releasing a newer version of X20, the Fujifilm X30. I regret selling away my old X20, but i can rejoice that the yet-to-be released X30 is coming out and Fujifilm had added a quite of number of improvements.

Since I’ve pre-owned a X20 before, these are the significant improvements with i feel is worthy on the X30 compared to the X20.

Additional Control Ring – X20 only has one ring mechanism and that was to turn on the camera and for zoom. With the additional control ring, you can adjust the exposure, color, iso setting etc

A larger tilt able 3″ inch LCD display – They say bigger the better, can tilt the screen somemore. Tiltable at 90degree up and 45degree down. You can hold the camera to take your street photography as if you are holding rolleiflex. Sadly, it doesn’t come with 180degree tiltable screen to take selfies.

800 copy

Rear Panel – Fujifilm finally do away with the irritating rotating dial switch… the feel of the dial is soft and sensitive, and i have accidentally trigger some Fn. But now, the X30 rear switches are similar to X-E2

fujifilm x30 rear

Wi-Fi capability – The previous X20 does not have the WiFi capability, you have to use a Wifi SD card if you want to transfer your photos wirelessly. And this feature is one of the lacking, compared to the other brands of point and shoot like the Sony RX100II, Cannon S110 back then. Now the X30 has installed this features which allows you to Transfer Photos, Remote Control from a smartphone or tablet, and also instant print your photo on the Fujifilm Instax Share.

Electronic View Finder – Fujifilm has do away the optical view finder which i think is a godo move, i hardly view true that optical view finder while i was using my X20. Fujifilm says that with the component cost are cheaper nowadays, they can incorporate the EVF into the X30. The EVF quality should be similar to their top range XT-1. The reading in the EVF will tilt accordingly while you are trying portrait and landscape photos.

Bigger Battery – Bigger battery means a longer battery life that allows you to take approx 470 shots compared to 270 shots in X20. Perhaps now X30 is using a EVF, so you need a bigger battery to compensate the battery life. Even it so, Fujifilm Singapore is giving another spare battery as a free gift when you pre-order this camera. Cool…

The above features are those which i feel that is worthy to share, you can refer to dpreview to find out more.

What could have been better?
The main core features like the Megapixel, Processor, Focal length, Lens apertures reminds the same… the performance was satisfactory while i was using the X20, so I am fine with it.
I would love if Fujifilm can add weather seals feature in X30, it will be great while taking outdoor street shots.

Buy or not to Buy
For some who already own the X20, i would say that it is not necessary, you can still achieve the same picture quality if you don’t mind the add features like tilt screen, Wifi cap., EVF…

The X30 is surely an enjoyable camera for street and travel. The retro-like design will attract many strangers thinking if this is an old camera. The main feature that attract me is the turning the camera on just by simply turn the lens and the set up is so fast, this unique feature is simply cannot be compared when i was using other Point and shoot camera, sluggish start up. I had a great time using the X20 for streets and my overseas trip, and now with the added features in X30 i am even more happier to own this. I’ve already pre ordered mine. 🙂

Retail price – $899.
Pre order

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