* I assumed you have read the technical specification of Fujifilm X20 camera before reading this article. If you like to know what is this Fujifilm X20 is about, please visit here.

The Fujifilm X20 has been released in the market for quite sometime now, i hope my review is not too late for some of you who are still looking for a fantastic and an affordable camera for leisure and walkabout. Below is my review of the Fujifilm X20.

I should be able to give a good and accurate insight review from a consumer’s point of view because i have owned this camera for approximately 8 months before i regrettably sold off this camera to fund my other gadget. (My heart aches). I would always bring along with me wherever i go, kept in my Crumpler Camera Sling Bag (Mild Enthusiast), i have also used it for my recent, Taipei, Bangkok and Vietnam Holiday, and boy… it helped me to capture tons of good pictures and “moments”.

It looks like those old school style camera, reminds me of my dad’ film camera, the “clickable” nobs at the top, allowing you to select some simple mode and exposure compensation. The camera overall construction and size is good  and i could hold confidently with one hand, the rear buttons are well spaced. I get a lot of attention whenever i take it out from my camera bag, friends or strangers would compliment of it’s old style look and wondering if its a digital camera; a good ice breaker.

What i like about and the most relevant to me is the metal zoom ring with built-on power function. I could easily turn on the camera instantly by turn the zoom ring, allowing me to capture the “moments”; it’s is even faster than activating my iphone camera; much quicker than the normal electronic type.

I am also very impressed with the High-speed Continuous Shooting at 12 frame per second. That’s damn good when you are taking some actions; don’t get overboard, it can only take max. 11 pictures at one burst and it will drain your batteries.

The so called Advanced Optical Viewfinder is quite redundant, most of the time i used the 2.8″ inch LCD rear monitor to view my shots.


  • Superb start up speed
  • Fantastic colors; no doubt
  • Good noise control under low light – Far better than Canon’s equivalent range models
  • Awesome fps; bang bang bang


  • Average battery life – especially you operate your camera like a machine gun and taking panorama pictures, the battery can last half of your day; based on my experience. But Fujifilm usually gives away a free battery during their never-ending promotion. So don’t worry.
  • Sensitive rear jog dial button – the only one thing pisses me off is the jog dial button, the button is kinda sensitive and inaccurate.

This camera fits for anyone in general who has a limited budget but still wanna take fantastic color rich photos.
With it’s impressive quick start, high frame rate, no mechanical sound, it serves as a fantastic camera for street photographers. It is a worthy camera that i have used to own till date, but if you are comparing with the cameras that are released in 2014, the only lacking feature which X20 doesn’t has, it the wifi-function.

The last picture of X20...
The last picture of X20…

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