Along Toa Payoh Lor 6, right opposite of newly renovated SAFRA, there’s a dragon lying on his sandy lair…that’s the Mystical Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh.

I was there in one Sunday morning
to capture a glimpse of the dragon, before it might be torn down for future development. The dragon was not alone, he was accompanied by a pony and a seahorse. The weather was perfect for photo
shoot, the face of the dragon glowed as the ray of lights penetrate thru
the branches and shone on his majestic figure.

The playground doesn’t seems to be maintained by anyone, uncleared dry leaves, army of red ants surrounded the perimeter of the sandy lair and litters everywhere. However, the
dragon still stand mighty strong, his head made of concrete, skinned with mosaic tiles, and his spiral body is built with solid steel. No one can tear down this structure; unlike the new playground mostly made with plastic and rubber.

As I climbed onto the dragon, I felt that in terms of safety aspect, the modern parent will not even dare to allow their kids to play here. The sandy was rough, dirty, and I could
see broken glass bottle on the ground. The wall is kinda low, the kids might get a bad fall if they’re not careful. They might get their legs
caught on the gaps of the spiral body. Still, I take my hats off on the
kids in the past, who fearlessly conquer the dragon.

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