Contractor has finally done with the cement screed flooring. We’re not planning to install any tiles or any other layers. It’s gonna be as raw as cement, yup that’s right. Coincidentally my wife and i love the raw-ness of cement screeding floor, old school, cooling, gives a very “gallery” feel. Cracks will form progressively and it may even chip off cause by hard falling objects. Despite of all those cons, our decision still go on.
Cement Screed 1

The picture was taken only after 1 day of completion and it looked darker than expected.

Cement Screed 2

Cement Screed 3

Contractors getting ready the false wall for installation.

Cement Screed 4

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  1. Hi may I know what’s the approximate cost of the floor screed that u did? I’m thinking of doing it for my place as well. If you don’t mind sharing that is.

  2. Hi Xavier,

    Love the cement screed floor. Do you have the finished result? Would you share the contractor’s contact?



  3. Hi, can you share the cost of your cement screed and which contractor as Im looking for one for my new house. Thank you

  4. Hello Zulaiha, we got our cement screed for free from HDB, I believe that was back in 2011? You may need to check with HDB if they still provide such service? And also we got our contractor to do the epoxy varnish. You can approach Nitty Gritty 🙂

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