Bishan Park Secondary School – Goodbye

Bishan Park Secondary School is merging over with Pierce Secondary School due to the lack of student; reported by Channel News Asia. But in actual fact, the school compound is located in a prime area, where it is right beside the new Thomson line train station; currently under development. The school is tearing down and re-developed into another expensive housing or another mega shopping centre eventually. As our country is developing, we are losing our heritage.

The last few glimpse of Bishan Park Secondary School, the place where we BPsians were nurtured with tender and loving care. The place where I completed my secondary education, made lifelong buddies, had laughter and joy.

Holding with my only point and shoot camera, the Sony RX100M5, I went back to the school before 2017 ends to the relive those fond memories. Oh and by the way, I was the third batch of BPsian, enrolled in year 1996 graduated in year 1998.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 1

Back in 1996, we will gather at this assembly area; the school prefect stood on the podium giving the command to students to stand attention and we sang the national anthem at 7:20 am. After the singing the national anthem, the school principal or discipline mistress made some announcements. Sometimes, the discipline mistress requested a few classes to stay back to check improper attire, long fingernails, short skirts, colourful socks, etc.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 2

At 7:20 am sharp, the school prefect will lock the school gates while the latecomers were made to stand behind. The school prefect would take down the latecomers’ particular for afterschool detention.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 3

We would gather in twos and walk to our classroom; there would be more prefects standing in the hallway to “arrest” more students with improper attire.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 4

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 5

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 6

The students sitting by the window had the best seats, I remembered looking thru the window to daydream.

Physical Education – Sweat it out

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 7

The physical education (P.E) class were our favourite lesson before the P.E teacher would instruct the class to jog around the school field before we splint to the field for our soccer games or the basketball court for basketball.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 8

Recess Time

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 9

If I can recall, we usually have our recess starts at 9:30 am, all the student were given approximately 30 to 45mins break from class. There were so many food vendors inside the canteen selling, mixed vegetable rice, wanton noodles, sugary drinks, Malay food, etc.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 10

Serving Detention

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 11

This foyer located at the back of the school was the place where the rule breakers serve their detention after school. The “offenders” sat in this area for an hour or two, supervised by the school prefects. I would say that it was a privilege to enjoy the view of the park.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 12

The teachers’ office

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 13

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 14

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 15

Design and Technology Class

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 16

The design and technology was my favourite lesson in my timetable, and it covered 3 hours per week. We got to learn different types of materials’ characteristics, technical drawings, hands-on craft work like making a wooden toy car, acrylic photo frame, bottle opener.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 17

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 18 Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 19

School Assembly

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 20

The final year students got to sit in the galleries on Wednesday school assembly; I recalled our classroom sang the loudest school song and with gusto!

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 21 Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 22

Bishan Park Secondary School motto to Reach & Excel.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 23 Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 24

I was suprised to find some of these photos (taken 20 years ago) lying outside the art and craft room.

Bishan Park Secondary School - Goodbye 25

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  1. Hi Mr Lum, thanks sharing for the memories. I was a Bpsian and am still one at heart. I would like to meet up with one of my teachers who taught me in Yr 2000. Sorry I can’t recall her name. She was the HOD for humanities in BPSS back then. She was the history teacher who lead my class, 3A2 on a history tour in Yr 2000. Do you know where and how I can retrieve her name? I would really like to reconnect with her. Thanks. Cheers.

  2. I miss BPS so much… Im a third-year secondary student who is now in Peirce due to the merger… ITS HORRIBLE THERE I HATE IT SO MUCH…. I still love my teachers but the atmosphere in the school can never compare to the tender warmth of BPS…

    Teachers seemed more stressed out and i don’t see many of the BPS teachers’ smile in the hallways they always seemed so stressed out and the Peirce teachers aren’t as open as BPS teachers… The cleaning aunties and uncles as well seem so uptight… Its hard to greet them because they always had a frown and i cant get up the courage to greet and when i do they look confused…

    In the morning i dont remember enjoying morning assembly like in BPS… We are usually greeted with threats of getting demerit points for wrong attire, not being on time or not standing up fast enough… They even have to tell us to “greet like a family” it bring shivers up my spine because it feels forced… In BPS we always greeted like a family without being told to because we became family through the welcoming voice of our dear teachers and principals…

    I also miss our BPS anthem… I have bad memory and i feel bad that i cant memorise the song properly but i still have most of the lyrics in my heart… Hearing the Peirce song makes me feel disgusted and singing it felt like I was betraying the school i truly felt i belong to and myself so i never sing it…

    Another thing i missed modt was the time in the morning right before morning assembly… The time where you can talk to teachers even just for fun, tell jokes and take pics if you so wish. In Peirce, There is no such unless you have to give your teachers homework aside from that you can’t talk for too long because the moment you enter the hall its time for morning assembly and if you are caught talking you are liable for demerit points…

    I will never see myself as a Peircean its disguting to be called one… I will always be a BPsian no matter what anyone says. BPS is and will forever be my secondary school. No one can change my mind.

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