A new contender appears in the Music Streaming industry recently and that’s the Apple Music Service.

It seems that the Apple software engineers are stupid and lazy to refine the app before releasing to the masses, and they are giving 3 months worth of music subscription for being their “lab rats”.Anyways, here is my Apple Music Service Review.

First impression, the music variety ranges same as the current Apple iTune, the only difference is that they are free for now. Apple Music Service has more comprehensive range of Mandarin and Canto songs compared to Spotify; and I appreciate Apple for that.

As a Spotify paid subscriber for months, I have stored all my favorite play lists and even saved my ultimate favorites in my Apple iPhone. I was lost in the overwhelming, complicated users’ interface, and the text are small compare to Spotify.

The Apple Music also takes a couple of seconds to load a song and i thought my phone signal was weak. Steve Jobs will be very disappointed…

  1. Great Discovery Music Engine
  2. More songs than Spotify if you are into Mandarin and Canto pop
  3. Free 3 months Trial
  1. Messy Interface
  2. Hard to read text
  3. Song loading slower than Spotify
  4. No Service Android’s user yet; arriving end for 2015
Overall, i am a little disappointed with the complicated interface and buggy software, but I remain hopeful that Apple Music Service will continue improving.

It’s Free for now, remember to deactivate your auto subscription in your setting…


Apple Music Service Review 1

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