The Apple iPhone X was recently, and Singapore is one of few countries in Asia that sells the iPhone X. Either from the Apple Shop, the authorized retailers, Telcos et cetera.

You might have already know the impressive features iPhone X can do from your sources. But I just want to share with you how much you may want to set aside before you get one.a

The iPhone X base model is selling at S$1,648.00 which include only 64GB memory, do you think it is enough after installing all the cool apps, pictures and tones of videos you are going to take? My advice is to buy the 256GB model, retailing at S$1,888.00.

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Do take note that the iPhone X has now come with both front and rear glass panel, it is like holding a piece of antique porcelain from the Qing dynasty in your pocket now. Ops… accident does happen, and Apple cares about their consumers, that is why there is Apple Care+. Every phone comes with a one-year hardware warranty, with the Apple Care+, it extends the warranty to 2 years from the day you buy the phone, including two times of accidental damage, Apple will charge a flat fee S$42 for the screen replacement, and S148.00 for any other issues. You will also be given 24/7 priority access to someone (Apple expert) from a different time zone with a distinct accent, expressing sympathy on your damaged iPhone X. I would highly recommend you to get one Apple Care+ at S$368.00.

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What’s next? Obviously, you’ll buy a phone cover to house your beloved “iPorcelain X”. Many fellow reviewers feedback that the glossy side trimming gets scratched easily, hence, it is advised to get a phone cover that protects the phone’s parameter. Don’t forget that the iPhone X has the wireless charging feature now; You may want to get the original iPhone X leather case, the specially tanned and dye infused leather, slim enough to do wireless charging; it cost only S$68.00.

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Good job, you have just protected the side and rear of your iPhone X. What about the front? There are so many third party screen protectors to choose from; since you bought the best, why don’t you spend a bit more for the best? You may want to consider the glass protector from Whitestone Dome Glass, in my opinion, Whitestone Dome Singapore provides quality screen protector and very established in Singapore market. It is easy to apply, or Whitestone even has service centers to help you to install. You can read more about it. The market price is S70.00.

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Just a moment, let me tabulate the cost, it will cost you only S$2,394.00. Almost the one month pay of an average young working adult. You could have easily afforded this the iPhone X with your year-end bonus.

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Congratulation! You are now a proud owner of the best and most POWERFUL mobile phone in 2017.

Hey, would you be interested in acquiring other accessories to compliment your awesome iPhone X? Since you are getting the best, might as well you get these?

Apple AirPods – S$238.00
Wireless Charging Base – S$30.00 – S$99.00

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