Chosen my best models, and they are none other than Danboard and Danboard mini. I’ve bought myself an Amazon Kindle 5
Reason of getting is it kill time during my In Camp Reservist. It’s non camera, and i have always wanted to start reading, the lowest range of Kindle, Kindle 5 fits my pocket/ budget.

I’ve have not started reading it but only the instruction manual, pdf format pre-installed in Kindle. Kindles are not available online in Singapore, but you still can purchase online via V-post delivery or if you choose it to purchase from Singapore re-sellers. I got mine from [] via Hardwarezone Forum. It’s hassle free and they provide guides if you’re new to kindle.

Unboxing began, thought it’s the lowest range of Kindle, the construction of this reader is good. The front frame is made of alloy aluminium plastic, the tactile feel front buttons are durable. However, one problem is that the back cover is made of matt rubberised material, which can be oil finger print magnet. Overall in general, the size and weight is good to hold for reading, holding an ipad to read can really train up your wrist muscle.

In-dept review coming soon …

Amazon Kindle 5 : Unbox 1

Amazon Kindle 5 : Unbox 2Amazon Kindle 5 : Unbox 3Amazon Kindle 5 : Unbox 4Amazon Kindle 5 : Unbox 5Amazon Kindle 5 : Unbox 6

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