I first discovered this iOS stylus from one of  HWZ article and was fascinated with it’s “revolutionary” 1.9mm tip and i thought, finally there’s a stylus can provide a more pen-like feel stylus compared to the existing ones. If you are pondering to get that Adonit Jot Script Pro Evernote on the shelf, you may like to consider after reading my review first.

The design wasn’t impressive for the price that I spent.

The Feel
In my opinion, the stylus doesn’t feel heavy, it is quite comfortable to hold, even it’s is fitted with a AAA battery in order to operate.

To simulate to a real pen/ pencil-like, the nib is crucial, and i don’t feel that Adonit did a very good job. Firstly, it produces disturbing tapping sound whenever your stylus touches your iPad.

Secondly, the “writing friction” doesn’t feel right, the resin nib still provides a plasticky feeling. I prefer using the Wacom stylus that comes with the Samsung note 3, 10.1, Tab 3.0.

Thirdly, it’s not accurate at all, the Pixelpoint Technology is still at it’s early stage… I experienced occasional sluggish respond while writing and some parallax error  while using Penultimate, a sub app of Evernote, my hand writing is hardly recognisable.

Battery Life
No comments, i’ve only been using this for a couple of days.

Couple of Apps i’ve tried
Penultimate – Sluggish, palm rejection does not work, the only good point that it conveniently export your note to Evernote.
Procreate – Accuracy is fair, not bad.
Bamboo Paper – Surprisingly, both the stylus and apps works very well together, app also allows me to export directly to evernote, dropbox. However, no pressure sensitive features on Bamboo paper as it works with Wacom Creative Intuos Creative Stylus only.

The performance of Adonit Jot Script Pro Evernote Edition is poor and doesn’t deliver as what is was advertised, however a good work from their marketing team on making the their ads, so attractive that made consumer regret after buying it.






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