I think that it is a beautiful gesture to buy a bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend or your wife randomly.

On the night before my wife’s birthday, I decided to buy a bouquet of flowers for her as a surprise when she is working in the office on the next day. I docked my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 onto the Dex Station and started my flower hunt on the browser.

First Impression and Design

I found A Better Florist on Google and decided to give them a try because of their likeable orange themed front page.

At first glance, the bouquet designs and arrangements listed on their catalogue looks modern, up-to-date, and Instagramable; while the others online flower shop looks kinda “O Biang” or very old classic.

“O Biang” is a Singlish word that describes embarrassing out of fashion.

It is also easy to find a bouquet design you like from their online catalogue. I have decided to a bouquet of tulips – my wife’s favourite.

The Experience

I am impressed and enjoyed the whole ordering process; the interface is intuitive, clean and straightforward. Just when you know it, I have already completed the entire process from choosing the bouquet, entered the delivery details, typed in the mushy things I want to say on the card, and made the payment in just within five minutes.

A Better Florist was able to deliver the bouquet of flowers on the next working; just within a couple of hours in fact. The prices stated on the site includes the delivery charges, and there is no “checkout shock”.

It’s great to have them to deliver on my behalf because of my hectic work schedule. Holding a big bouquet of flowers in public is not really my thing and usually are for lean and dashing men; just like what you see on the Korean movies, you know what I mean 🙂

The following afternoon, my Wife received the flowers in her office. As what some say, Happy Wife, Happy Life 🙂


You will usually see me doing reviews about gadgets and gears. However, I would like to share this enjoyable experience I had with A Better Florist.

I will definitely revisit them for the next occasion or event. They also have Instagram and Facebook accounts if it’s your flavor.

A Better Florist Review  1

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