One of the good stall at Chong Pang FC, Chua Kee Boneless Braised Duck.
From my observant, the queue is always consistently long thru out the afternoon.
The stall success is not only the good food but also teamwork of the 4 guys working at the stall. I take my hat off at the shortest guy working there, friendly and polite, he’ll asked the customers to queue in an orderly manner, he is able to remember 5 orders at once (you know how complicated Singaporean’s customer can be? add Dao gua, don’t want egg, more rice, less chilli, more gravy…). And as he walked back to his stall, he seems to be the commander in charged, giving orders to his guys, and everyone is pro in what they are doing.

Now then, let’s talk about the food…
The overall presentation is nice, that’s the best braised duck rice i have ever tried. The braised aroma is superb, the rice is nicely separated, not to hard, not too soft, and not too salty. Thumbs up.

The sauce looks dark, glossy and appetizing, yet not too salty. The duck meat is tender, juicy but i wish that they can give more meat. But generally, i believe most of the stalls are not generous in the meat serving because cost price for duck compared to chicken is higher?

The chilli sauce is a must have, ask for more… kinda spicy, a bit sour, but SHIOK!

Enough said, the pictures speak a million words.

Chong Pang Market Food Centre
104 Yishun Ring Rd
Singapore 760104

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