Here’s an short review of Wild Honey at Scotts Square. 
My wife and i ditched our favourite regular cafe “The House of Robert Timms” and tried Wild Honey after catching a movie at Lido.

Both PS Cafe and Robert Timms gave us with very positive and pleasant experience. Here’s our dining experience at Wild Honey, it’s located at 3rd floor in Scotts Square. 

The ambience was pleasant, the design is bit English and a slice of old school; making you feel like home in the late 70s and 80s but more “classy”.  

My wife ordered the Tunisian, word by word from the menu: Sizzling pan of spicy shakshouka (tomato, onion, red pepper, chilli), studded with Chorizo sausage, crowned with two fried eggs, signature brioche & Israeli salad. To me… it tasted very flavourful; not much comment. 

And I ordered the English, Scramble eggs, back bacon, cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushroom, dad’s baked beans, breakfast potato, grilled vine ripen tomato & signature brioche.
The eggs was nicely done, grade “fair” for most of the ingredient, the breakfast potato was nicely done, and i feel that the signature brioche is a bit filling. 

The service crew are generally okay, but i realised that no one cleared our plates, and no one top up our water after our (me and my wife) conversation ended 1/2 hour later. Their attention seems to be slacking even their not much customers around… hm…  

Find out more information below:
For reservation: +65 6636 1816

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