Previously i did an Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini review and i simply love it but the keyboard size is simply too small for my “bear” hand.

Once i have just got my Ipad Air Space Grey 32gb, i am already anticipating in getting the similar keyboard from Logitech, found in the US site, and I finally got one from Challenger store a couple of days ago. That’s funny, this model was not featured in Logitech SG site and Challenger is already selling it. 

There are total 4 colors available in US, but i only find full matt black, and marine blue available in Challenger. Amazon sells at a cheaper price, all you need is a little patience. 

Here’s my humble review of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air also known as Ultrathin Keyboard Folio i5

AESTHETICS – It looks as good as the Logitech cover for the iPad mini version. The iPad air is hugged in between the top and bottom, matt black finger print magnet cover. However, it’s a fine workmanship stuff from China. If you have seen my review on the iPad mini version, the interior quality is much better now. 

FEEL – The keyboard tactile feels is simply good. The keys are not shiny but matt; preventing even more fingers prints.

The cover keyboard feel solid and sturdy in the hand, compared to the mini version, it’s more comfortable and punching the letters are more accurate now.

CONNECTIVITY – The bluetooth connection was quick.

BATTERY LIFE – Light usage for 3 days, not charged since one, no further comment on this. The site claimed that one full charge can last 3 months, average of 2 hours of usage each day. 

PROTECTION – The iPad air is very well protected from all angles when the cover is closed.

CONCLUSION – The Ultrathin Keyboard Folio is a good cover and keyboard to compliment you new device, also a good companion for blogger, typist-on-the-go. This configuration form factor look similar to Window RT surface tablet, but at a lower cost.

After reading online reviews and comparing the other competitors, like Belkin, Zagg, i will cast my vote to Logitech.

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