Today, i am going to give you my in dept review of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini.

The basic infos can be found in Logitech website.

It was a long wait for me to get this Ipad mini cum Keyboard, this model was shown in the website but it did not state the price and i’ve been to couple of computer shops for the past few weeks and i didn’t see it on their selves. Two days ago, 4-Oct I’ve found it in Challenger, not even at Nubox or iStudio etc. 

Although there are a few models available for the ipad mini, but they are not appealing to me. Why?

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for Ipad Mini – The keyboard has no cover, the metallic cover easily get scratch, the magnetic strip is not strong (tested personally)

Keyboard Folio for Ipad Mini – The colors are not my liking, with the ipad mini installed, the whole assembly is thick, not comfy to bring around.


Logitech always provide you the clean looking, solid packaging. The keyboard looks solid and presentable. I got the black color cover that matches my black Ipad mini. This cover is thin, when the cover is closed, it is just a few mm thicker than my iphone 5S.

When the mini is folded up, the bottom position is firmly attached onto the keyboard by magnets, it will not detach easily. On the other side, the mini is attached securely by sliding into both corners of the cover; damn secure.

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard003


Exterior cover is made of synthetic plastic, giving you the matt rubbery feel, it feels like the Apple original mini cover. However, it is vulnerable against, oily hands, moisture, and scratches if you are not careful, especially you placed it in your bag pocket with your bunch of keys. Still, the cover is there to protect your lovely mini. 

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard002


As stated from most other online reviewers, the bluetooth connectivity is almost instant after you activate bluetooth of both devices. 


First impression, the keyboard is small and cramp, for users who are used to the normal sized keyboard, or fat fingers (me), it is not easy to punch in your letters. I spent more time hitting the “delete” than constructing my sentences. Still, i feel that it’s quicker than using the onboard keyboard, it will take a while to learn the new layout.

The tactile feel is good, its feels slightly lower quality than the mac keyboard.

It can be BETTER

No big issues, below are some comments for Logitech

The marking on the bluetooth button can be easily scratched away by fingernails; i just got my new keyboard 2 days ago…

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard004

The Ipad mini side rock buttons are hard to reach, and the button that covers the standby button is hard to press too.

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard006

Since mine is the black version, it will be great if the interior padding is black as well. Aesthetically, everything seems fine, except for the uneven lining on padding edges, for the price that we are paying, this flaw should be not happen.

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard005

At the top edge of the inner lining, i have observed an uneven cutting, cosmetically it does not look nice. I’ve feedback to Logitech Service Support, with no questioned asked, the service team advised me to do an one-to-one exchange from Challenger. The exchange has been done, and i am able to exchange to another brand new piece; issue resolved. : )

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard009


Generally, the connectivity, and the keyboard feel are something to compliment about. You need a bit of time to get use to the cramp keyboard . The robust cover can surely protect your ipad mini, and thickness of the cover is not awkward to hold on to. It is good piece of gadget for blogging or drafting, or intensive typing on-the-go. This might be the last keyboard cover from Logitech, for this Ipad mini version… cause a newer version might be coming out this late October, and hopeful the new Ipad mini can still fit on this cover.

20131006 - Logitech Keyboard001

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