10 Creative Answers for being “Still Single?”

Singulars, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, are just around the corner. Be sure to bookmark this page while having a conversation with your aunties or ex.

Or anytime when someone asks you about your relationship status. The best way to confuse people or make the joke out of it?


Here are the 10 Creative Answers for being “Still Single?”


1. “I was single until I see you (wink)”

2. “I am focusing building my empire right now.”

3. “Are you hitting on me?” also known as “Are you trying to “sian” me? Do you think this will work?”

4. “What?! Are you breaking up with me?!”

5. Look into their eyes, look hopeless and start to cry

6. “I am already in a relationship; with MYSELF.”

7. “My boy/girlfriend is standing beside me, can’t you see?” Pretend you are holding hands.

8. “I just broke off a moment ago.” Cry loudly and run away.

9. “No, I’ve stopped singing already, say what? Oh! you meant single?”

10. Admit it and be proud

So what about being single? Don’t get too stressed with the peer pressure, being singular is alright. You are not tight down with any commitments and be free. Plan for holiday trips, meeting new people, use some time contributing to the society, like doing social work, caring for others or your family members.

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